Environmental, Social, and Governance

Guided by Principle
Governor Gary Herbert visits Superior.

Superior Drilling Products operates on the principle that our core vision and values are the foundation of our future success. Our vision is not only our own prosperity, but that of our community and business partners. We firmly believe that for us to be successful, everyone around us must be successful as well.

The purpose of the company is to ensure that we’re “providing prosperity for our families, communities, and business partners.” The company can’t succeed without the efforts of its employees, a commitment to the community, and relationships with business partners that ensure our actions are “advantageous to all parties involved.”

Families and Corporate Governance
We're all attached to the beautiful Green River below Flaming Gorge.
Employees prepare to run the river during our annual summer run on the Green River.

Every time a new employee joins the Superior Drilling Products family, the vision and culture of the company are explained to them. The company recognizes the sacrifice they are making by spending time away from their family and loved ones to earn a better living, find professional satisfaction, and further the goals of the company. This sacrifice is honored by a professional environment where the employee’s time isn’t wasted, they are treated with respect and dignity, and they are paid as much as is possible. The more efficient the company becomes the more it can pay its employees, the more it pays employees the more they spend in the community, the more they spend in the community the more the community prospers.

People come from around the world to try their hand at fishing the Green River. We're attached and care deeply about its pristine, but accessible state.

Engaged, self-actualized employees are the key to success, and the company’s culture is designed to foster that kind of engagement. Regular feedback and a transparent work environment are foundational pieces that allow employees to find satisfaction in their work.

The company is fully committed to the realization of Martin Luther King’s famous dream. Everybody in the company regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or identity, or any other status, is treated equally and fairly. True diversity is something the company strives for and incorporates into its hiring and employment practices. Such diversity is vital to the success of the company.

Communities and Social Concerns
Vernal's annual Dina "Soar" balloon launch is something to behold in the early July hours every year, and Superior is there to help sponsor the event.

In addition to being a driving financial force in the local community, Superior Drilling Products donates to local charities, supports local schools, and sponsors events that provide relief to those in need. Company employees sit on the board of trustees for local technical schools, the board of directors of Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce, and local art councils. The company sponsors Human Resources educational groups to support the development of exceptional corporate cultures in its local area.

The Superior family of employees routinely donates to Trees for Charity (a local organization that provides support to families in the community suffering hardship) and solely sponsors a fund called The Giving Fund, that helps employees and their extended families during emergencies and rough times.

In the summer of 2019 the company sponsored the Dina “Soar” Days in downtown Vernal, an annual event where more than a dozen hot air balloons take off from main street in the early morning.

Employees gave up their annual Christmas Party in December 2020 and instead donated the money set aside for the party to help three families in need (everything from bicycles to new tires for aging cars).

“Mutually Beneficial.” We don’t believe in a zero-sum game. Some companies believe that it is necessary to sacrifice profitability to protect the environment. We disagree with that notion. We believe that a sustainable future is part of what will make us successful. We don’t waste money on flashy programs that gather more news stories than pollutants because we do more than say we’re concerned.

World class fishing is less than an hour's drive from our offices.

Based in Utah’s Uintah Basin, the company is surrounded by a wide variety of natural beauty. From high deserts to luscious alpine forests, the beauty of “The Basin” surrounds our offices every day of the year. Our employees love the world class fishing, river running, hiking, biking, and winter activities available to them. The sense of ownership and preservation in the company is interwoven into our DNA. We go to great pains to preserve the environment in meaningful ways.

Here are just some of the ways we protect the environment around our facilities.

  • Our facilities remove and filter harmful particulates before releasing air into the surrounding environment.
  • All cleaning systems are self-contained and utilize certified 3rd party professionals for removal and inspection.
  • Whether from rain, snow, or a garden hose, water runoff does not enter the community water system. Below each of our facilities is a waste catching system which traps any pollutants that may make it past our routine processes.
  • The Superior family has donated more than 15 acres of land for community fishing ponds, maintains wetlands, and donates to local environmental concerns.

Business Partners and Responsible Investment
We're thrilled to expand our family to the Middle East.

Superior Drilling Products views socially responsible business operations as vital to its core viability. The company does business with others that share their vision of benefiting employees and communities. It is constantly developing new technologies and ideas that not only improve its efficiency, but also improve the lives of everyone involved. Superior invests time and effort into those things that will reap not only a financial gain for its shareholders, but also benefit the local, state, and national communities in which it works.

Superior Drilling Products, prides itself on being “Result Oriented.” We are continuously looking for better and more efficient methods of supporting our employees, communities, and business partners by focusing on those things that are most beneficial for the lowest possible cost.