Correctly Minimizing Drill String Friction

Strider, a patent pending drill string oscillation tool, is composed of two main parts, a hydraulic channeling chamber (HCC) and a rhythmic pulsation chamber (RPC). The RPC contains a precisely engineered ,high speed pulse-valve that systematically restricts flow area. During flow restriction, or “closure”, the ideal amount of fluid is allowed to continue down hole. This perfectly controlled hydraulic flow produces an optimal pulse frequency of 3 thrusts per second, which is preferred for MWD and BHA equipment. The low frequency also allows for placement of the Strider closer to the bit than typical oscillation tools. Pressure loss from the precision engineered system is approximately 400 psi with 10 ppg fluid at 275 gpm. The Strider contains no elastomers and it does not require a shock sub.

The relatively low frequency of 3 Hz allows for development of a full pulse strength versus the higher frequency of 16 Hz for typical oscillation tools.